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MBA Program

The graduate program at UCB reflects the dynamic nature of the modern business world and aims to prepare candidates to become effective future business leaders and strategic thinkers who can understand the competitive environment and manage knowledge, theory and practice. 

The educational goals seek to develop students’ critical thinking, research and professional skills, self-motivation and teamwork.  All students are encouraged to fulfill personal and professional goals throughout the program.  In view of the specifics of the program, leadership as a learning outcome is a major objective and an overall goal of the UCB MBA Program.   

Participation in a master’s level degree program presupposes the base of general knowledge and skills appropriate to an undergraduate degree.  Learning at the masters’ level is developed in a more integrated, interdisciplinary fashion than undergraduate education.  The capacities developed through the knowledge and skills of a general master’s level program are: 

  • To lead in different organizational situations
  • To apply knowledge in new and unfamiliar circumstances through a conceptual understanding of relevant disciplines and mastery of requisite implementation skills
  • To adapt and innovate to solve problems, to cope with unforeseen events, and to manage in unpredictable environments 
  • To demonstrate interest in pursuing specific expertise in Management, Islamic Finance, Banking & Finance, International Business & Marketing, and Management Information Systems (MIS) 

The MBA program at UCB is designed mainly for the busy executives. The program provides the opportunity to complete an MBA Program without any interruption to busy work schedules. Since the launch of the program, there are many UCB MBA graduates who successfully enhanced their careers across industries in Bahrain, the GCC region, and other countries. Some of them are even currently holding senior executive positions within their respective organizations. The success stories of UCB MBA have also attracted international students to join the program. Students from the United States, France, Russia and even Australia have joined the program realizing the benefits that they might gain from the program.  

The Department of Business Administration strives to be recognized as the leading management educational institute locally, regionally, and internationally for graduating business students who distinguish themselves as inspired and ethical leaders equipped with knowledge and skills to play an effective role in their organizations and within their communities.   

According to their interests and aspirations, students pursuing Business Administration program may select the emphasis of their choice from 5 concentrations: 


Islamic Finance

Banking & Finance

Marketing & International Business

Management Information Systems (MIS)