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On behalf of the Scientific Research Council (SRC), I would like to welcome you to our research website, displaying the university research structure, research mission & strategic goals, forms, faculty research, research news and events.

University College of Bahrain (UCB) has established the Studies and Research Unit in 2013; it has undergone evolution and growth to become the Scientific Research Council (SRC) in 2018. The SRC aims to promote high quality- and high ethical research in university with a focus on vital development issues to achieve a greater alignment with Bahrain’s Vision 2030. The research agenda is aligned with the Bahrain’s National Research Strategy in parallel with UCB’s academic degrees and disciplines. The university is committed to ensuring academic staff engage in research and scholarship to accelerate national and international research achievements. Moreover, the university is committed to quality and multidisciplinary research that prepares students for successful employment and continuing higher education.

I am particularly proud to point out that our UCB’s researchers are undertaking novel research and publishing in high-ranking indexed journals. Their research is addressing the issues of social, business, economic, technology, and sustainability impacts to build the Kingdom’s knowledge-based economy. The SRC strives to create a culture of research and innovation with impact, within a dynamic, expansive, and collaborative culture. Moreover, the SRC is keen to realize the potential of university research and innovation through applied research, publications, and international collaboration.

In the words of Neil Armstrong “research is creating new knowledge”. Research is defined as “a systematic investigation designed to develop and contribute to generalizable knowledge”. We, at UCB, believe in innovations and promote research, learn, and innovate culture.

Dr. Muhammad Rizky Prima Sakti
Secretary General of Scientific Research Council