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Department of Information Technology

Dr. Nandita Sengupta
Head of Information Technology Department

The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Information Technology provides students with the comprehensive knowledge, skills and training needed to pursue careers as IT professionals in one of the most exciting, challenging, and dynamic field of modern technology. Technology is an integral part of modern society, from education to entertainment to all aspects of work, fueling economic growth throughout the world. Countries and cities with a skilled IT workforce are the main beneficiaries of this new information economy. The program emphasizes the practical applications of information technology. It provides students with both the breadth and depth of knowledge in information technology needed for professional success in this field. The IT core courses provide students with the integrated, technical knowledge and training in various areas of information technology.

Students learn about technology in action, the Internet technology, Web-application design, computer-based systems, computer networks, data communications, computer security, databases, application development, programming, management and economics. They also study the influence of information technology on the economy, business, culture and the global society. Students can avail themselves of the opportunity for an internship education experience. Students are able to apply their knowledge for practical application through the dedicated course, Graduation Project.

The Department of IT has created an effective collegial learning environment which will allow students access to the latest hardware and software tools, and, subsequently, a state of the art education. Our faculty are committed to continuous educational x`innovation, also working hard to ensure the best quality education for an information technologist.

The mathematics, science and programming courses provide students with a strong analytical and scientific foundation. The students receive a well-rounded education and a strong foundation for thoughtful global citizenship from the liberal arts courses. The development of strong oral and written communication skills is emphasized throughout the curriculum. The program also allows students sufficient flexibility to concentrate in Management Information Systems or in Computer Science, to provide students with a strong conceptual core (that will prepare them to be lifelong learners) along with significant hands-on experience.