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UCB Strategic Plan 2024

Strategic Goal I: Quality Assurance, Accreditation and Review
Achieve full accreditation and external review body success and recognition

  • Ensure that all programmes are aligned with Higher Education Council (HEC) and Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA/NQF) accreditation and review standards and expectations for success.
  • Develop further recognition and affiliation by local and international professional and statutory bodies.
  • Expand partnerships with international universities to gain further knowledge and practice of international quality assurance standards and expectations.

Strategic Goal II: Learning, Teaching and Enhancement

  • Deliver high quality teaching, learning and student engagement to ensure that every student is enriched with subject specific knowledge, critical thinking skills, and transferable graduate attributes.
  • Provide an effective student support environment, that engages and empowers students and staff to deliver a quality driven education.
  • Further embed graduate attributes into the curriculum to ensure graduate work readiness.
  • Further integrate aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation into the curriculum and associated assessment regimes to prepare graduates for innovation and change in their professional working lives. 

Strategic Goal III: Research
Strengthen and align research output with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s National Strategy

  • Enhance the research infrastructure by more effective allocation of resources to generate a broader engagement by staff and students in research and scholarship.
  • Strengthen research capacity and capability through delivery of an effective administrative and financial support mechanism to departments.
  • Encourage further Research Informed Teaching (RIT) throughout the curriculum and assessment strategy.
  • Support research that is aligned with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s National Strategy.

Strategic Goal IV: Staffing and Staff Engagement
Empower staff to deliver success

  • Attract and retain well qualified staff in alignment with the University’s vision, mission and values.
  • Strengthen staff support and communication to encourage a collegiate working environment.
  • Support staff with updated IT systems to improve learning, teaching, research and student support.

Strategic Goal V: Community Engagement
Enhance the University’s relationship with government, industry and the community

  • Develop long term strategic partnerships with government, industry and the community that continually shape the University’s programme offerings.
  • Strengthen engagement with alumni to foster long-lasting relationships.
  • Continue to engage with the community and all stakeholders to serve and add value to society as a whole.

Strategic Goal VI: Institutional Growth
Enhance the academic and financial position of the University and deliver institutional sustainability.

  • Increase student recruitment across all departments through increased reputation, market recognition and successful accreditation and review.
  • Increasing the number of programmes being offered in the University through expansion of awards by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain and from international franchises.
  • Improve and expand facilities and infrastructure to foster a vibrant learning environment.
  • Increase and diversify student recruitment strategy.

Strategic Goal VII: ICT
Enhance the effectiveness of safety of UCB' s ICT resources and services..

  • Maintain ICT services for effective performance
  • Ensure staff and students are satisfied with ICT resources
  • Ensure security of UCB staffs and students data and records