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Faris Alanazi
Director Of Admissions And Registration​

At University College of Bahrain, we are well aware that choosing what to study at university is one of the most important decisions you have to make in life. Your choice will have a huge bearing on your personal journey, your professional future, and your achievements in life.

Right now, you are choosing a university, and you may well think you don’t have enough experience to have nurtured a specific profile, “I’m only just beginning to discover what I’m capable of”, we hear you. It’s not about who you are now, but about your potential—and we’re sure you have already done lots of things to showcase this potential.

We want your degree to be a transformative experience that opens the door to a unique future. With this in mind, UCB has devised an educational model that centers on experiencing international diversity, alongside personalized studies based on academic excellence, entrepreneurship, continuous innovation and a unique approach to humanities—all of which lead to practical learning.

Our mission at UCB’s Admissions Department is to help you choose the right program for you, and to support you in your application to study at UCB. The Office of Admissions and Registration is your first and last destination at University College of Bahrain. From the moment you apply to the university until the point you graduate. We will welcome you at the first day and then we will celebrate your success.

There is something important you must remember. We are looking for balanced candidates. We are interested in everything about you, not just your academic abilities. Feel free to contact me a one-to-one consultation with me is an opportunity for a discussion in relation to your specific needs on an assessment