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Student Council

The Student Council, under the oversight of the Student Affairs office, plays a crucial role in enhancing the academic, cultural, and social environment at UCB. By organizing and facilitating various activities, they enrich the overall student experience. Moreover, their collaboration with UCB’s working committees strengthens the bridge between students and university management. 

These dedicated individuals serve as essential student representatives in university governance. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the voices, opinions, and suggestions of the student body are effectively communicated and considered in decision-making processes. This ensures that student perspectives are heard and appropriately addressed within the university community. Thus, the Student Council not only fosters a vibrant campus life but also advocates for student interests and welfare in a meaningful and impactful manner. 

Mr. Jassim Al Saeedi

The President of the Student Council, is a dedicated student studying in the Communication and Multimedia Program (Public Relations concentraton) . He has strong leadership skills and a magnificent commitment to enhancing student life on campus.

Sh. Ebrahim bin Meshal Al Khalifa
The Treasurer of the Student Council, is a senior student studying Public Relations within the Communication and Multimedia Program . With his wealth of experience and dedication, he ensures effective management for student initiatives.
Ms. Abrar Al Haddar
The Vice President for Events of the Student Council, is a senior student in Public Relations. Her passion for event planning enhances the student experience through engaging activities and memorable occasions.
Mr. Abdulrahman Janahi
the Vice President of Academics at the student council, shows leadership and dedication as a senior student in Public Relations concentration in the Communication and Multimedia department. With his strategic mindset and passion Abdulrahman fosters academic excellence through his creativity.
Mr. Abdulaziz Al Anzi
Is the head of Academic Affairs at the student council, Abdulaziz brings his expertise as an MBA student to drive educational excellence and innovation. With strategic acumen and dedication, he promotes academic advancement within the student community.
Mr. Hassan Al Baraikan
Head of events and activities in the student council, who is an MBA student. Hassan plays a essential role in assisting the student affairs and alumni manager in organizing and hosting events, fostering a vibrant campus community and alumni network.
Mr. Muaath Al Awad
Head of Sports Affairs in the student council is studying MBA with an emphasis in Management Information Systems . He assists in organizing sports activities and events such as football and padel tournaments. His dedication and strategic approach toward sports enhance the sports culture on campus, fosters a teamwork spirit among students.
Mr. Abdulaziz Al Noubi
Head of Community Engagement at the student council, is a Public Relations student in the Communication and Multimedia program. He stands out for his active involvement in community initiatives and social responsibility endeavors. With a passion for making a positive impact, he expresses the spirit of social responsibility.
Mr. Abdullah Al Ghamdi
Head of Public Relations for the student council, studying MBA , he is dedicated to to enhance communication strategies and build positive relationships throughout the campus.