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Marketing and International Business Management

In this program, you will learn exceptional management skills that focus on improving your analytical techniques related to business strategy, consumer behavior. This program expands your up-to-date knowledge in the marketing field and international management. You will study in this program the latest trends in today’s marketing world 

This program can furnish you with the skills needed to succeed in domestic and international contexts including sharpening your leadership and communication skills 

This program makes you eligible for many careers opportunities in Marketing and Management, in addition to being eligible for leadership positions in marketing and management you will have numerous careers opportunities such as providing consultation services in different areas associated with managing companies.

Programme Structure

The MBA in Marketing & International Business comprises of 30 credit hours for courses + 6 credit hours for thesis/business project. 

Core courses 5 courses (15 Cr)

ACT501 Financial and Management Accounting
MGT501 Organizational Behaviour
FIN501 Corporate and Managerial Finance
MKT501 Marketing Management
STS501 Business Research Methods

Concentration Requirements 5 Courses (15 Cr)

MGT504 Strategic Management
MGT502 Production and Operations Management
MKT503 Service Marketing
MKT507 Digital Marketing
MKT506 International and Global Marketing

Thesis or Business Project (6 Cr)

MGT520 Business Project
MGT599 Thesis