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Transfer Students

Candidates transferring from institutions of higher education may be considered for admission subject to the following criteria:

  • All the transferred courses should be passed with not less than “C” or Good grade.
  • The total number of requested transfers courses should not exceed 66% of total number of credits required for Graduation
  • The student should be transferred from an accredited recognized university.
  • Transfer courses are given a ‘T’ grade on the transcript and will not be included in the student’s SGPA or CGPA, but will be counted toward graduation.
  • The transferred student should apply to the Registrar’s Office for the transfer of courses, who, in turn, will forward the application to the relevant Program who will determine the acceptable transfer courses, according to the student’s study plan.
  • The approved list of transfer courses, certified transcripts and course descriptions will be sent with the applicant’s other documents to the Higher Education Council for final approval before adding them to the student’s transcript.