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The best paper award was presented to Vera Schott and Jivka Ovtcharova from Germany for their outstanding contribution through their paper titled “Integrating Sustainability into Software Development: A Global Categorization”.

The second-best paper award was presented to Ibtissam Zejjari from Morocco for her exceptional insights through her paper titled “Bibliometric Analysis of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: Revealing Publication Trends and Future Directions”.

The third-best paper award was presented to Alya Alyusuf from Bahrain for her contribution through her paper titled “The Effect of Academics’ Openness to Experience Trait on the Behavior of Sharing Knowledge Voluntarily in Bahrain’s HEIs”.

The fourth-best paper award was presented to Ahmed Alkubaisi and Wael Abdallah for their contribution through the paper titled “Using Information and Communication Technology for Smart Urban Governance Mediated by Community Engagement”.

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