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Quality Assurance and Accreditation

UCB is committed to providing students with an excellent learning experience by focusing on teaching and learning, quality assurance, research, campus life, and facilities. Continuous improvement and excellence are the key points of its current activities and strategic planning.

Strategic Goal:

The QAAO performs actions that improve the quality of education, academic activities, and institutional performance at UCB.

About Us

The QAAO provides development of up-to-date educational policies. Moreover, it is concerned with the assurance and compliance of the implemented quality assurance system at UCB to achieve excellence in education.


Achieving excellence in Quality assurance procedures in all University domains.


Commitment to develop, monitor and follow up the implementation of plans for teaching and learning, scientific research and community services, according to the international quality assurance standards of higher education.

Academic Development & Quality Assurance

Under the supervision of the Director of QAAO; the Office manages the following tasks:

1- Academic Development

  • Assisting, analyzing data and suggesting new ideas for policymakers, academic staff, and the University;
  • Deeping engagement in ongoing development in educational technology at all levels of teaching and learning;
  • Ensuring that all providers of education are committed for achieving, maintaining and developing quality standards at all levels  
  • Updating documentation, strategies, policies, and processes to improve student learning and institutional effectiveness in fostering student success;
  • Following up programmes and curricula enhancement to cope with the latest standards of quality in various aspects
  • Ensuring that the academic standards of the programmes have met those of the corresponding international accreditation bodies.

2- Educational Assessment Development

  • Research, documentation, strategies, policies, and processes to improve student learning and institutional effectiveness in fostering student success;
  • Programmes and curricula to direct Faculties to be accountable for student learning;
  • Teaching and learning in order to demonstrate that students have met standards of international accreditation bodies.

3- Quality Management

  • Maintaining and improving standards of teaching and learning, student learning experiences, research, and community services;
  • Monitoring and evaluating instruments and activities aiming at quality improvement at the University level;
  • Providing Faculties with technical guidance and assistance in the process of implementing and achieving their own quality assurance works concerning teaching & learning, resources and services, and programme international accreditation;
  • Receiving, processing and responding to the reviews and feedback coming from internal and external stakeholders and “Faculties’ Advisory Committees”.

4- Quality Enhancement

  • Curricula and programmes enhancement by using feedback coming from Stakeholders, Alumni and “Advisory Committees”;
  • Students’ competencies and outcomes enhancement for successful learning, living and working;
  • Enhancement of the existing quality assurance system through structuring strengths, weaknesses and prospects to meet international standards of quality assurance in higher education;
  • Enhancement of quality management by issuing reports concluding significant risk and control issues and including other matters that require the attention of senior management and decision-makers.