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This concentration provides professional preparation for students working toward careers in business. 

The students of the Business Administration program develop the skills and orientation of a well-rounded generalist with a broad base of business skills, knowledge, and practical experience. They will be professionals capable of entering the labor market with great success. It is time to enter the labor market with great success, our program develops your capabilities to perform administrative processes for the management of any private or public company, advise different national and international organizations and guide operations to domestic and external markets. 

This concentration ensures that management student also develops competencies in other major areas beyond introductory courses. It further gives students opportunities to choose courses from a selection that represents areas in which business students should be competent. 

This concentration focusses on innovation, creativity, and leadership, making it a varied and challenging journey towards awareness of one’s own professional skills and abilities. 

Concentration requirements

This degree requires 128 credit hours. 

University Requirements (Compulsory) 11 Courses (32 Cr)

ARA101 Arabic
CSC101 Computing Essentials
ENG101 English I
ENG102 English II
MAT101 Calculus I
SBS155 Human Rights
ENG201 English III : Technical Writing
WCS201 Cultural Studies I
SBS206 Bahrain Modern History
CSR301 Corporate Social Responsibility
REM301 Research Methods

University Requirements (Elective) Select 2 Courses (6 Cr)

ENG220 Themes in Literature
GRD130 Painting
LIT203 Studies in American Literature
PHL202 Business Ethics
PHL203 Critical Thinking Skills
POS101 Intro. to Political Science
PSY201 Introduction to Psychology
SBS201 General Sociology
SBS203 Human Development
SBS205 Communication Skills
WCS301 Cultural Studies II
WMN201 Women Studies

Program Requirements (Compulsory) 16 Courses (48 Cr)

ACT101 Financial Accounting 1
BUS301 Entrepreneurship
MGT101 Principles of Management
ACT201 Managerial Accounting
ECO201 Microeconomics
ECO202 Macroeconomics
FIN201 Principles of Finance
MKT201 Principles of Marketing
STS201 Probability And Statistics I
BUS205 Business Law
BUS315 Internship/Practicum
BUS350 Business Communications
CIT311 Management Information Systems
MGT301 Organization and Management
BUS491 Graduation Project
MGT490 Business Policy & Strategy

Program Requirements (Elective) Select 4 Courses (12 Cr)

CIT251 Internet of Things
BUS310 Managerial Economics
BUS325 New Venture Creation
BUS435 Family Entrepreneurship Management
CIT231 Cloud Computing
CIT262 Multimedia Systems
FIN385 Financial Planning and Control
MAT102 Calculus II
MGT385 Tourism & Hospitality Management
STS202 Probability And Statistics II 

Concentration Requirements (Compulsory)  7 courses (21 Cr)

MGT305 Human Resource Management
MGT310 International Management
MGT325 Managing Change and Innovation
MGT410 Project Management
MGT430 Total Quality Management
MGT425 Leadership for Results
MGT471 Business Analytics

Concentration Requirements (Elective) Select 4 Courses (12 Cr)

ACT102 Financial Accounting II
MGT415 Management of Small Business
MKT301 Marketing Management
MKT360 Promotion Communication Management
MGT401 Supply Chain Management
MKT412 Digital and Social Media Marketing
MKT431 Green Marketing

Free Electives (Elective) Select 1 Courses (3 Cr)