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Graphic Design

Programme Code: GRD

Level: Undergraduate

Duration: 4 years

Graphic Design concentration provides theoretical and hands-on education for the future specialist in visual communications. The growing demand for innovating, high quality graphic design offers graduates a range of exciting and rewarding employment opportunities within the creative industries. Graphic designers provide creative communication solutions across the fields of media, publishing, advertising, packaging, branding, corporate identity, TV graphics, animation, corporate communications and more.

The Graphic Design concentration is built upon promoting a thorough understanding of the creative design process, a realistic balance between developing conceptual thinking and mastering the skills to express ideas visually. It is structured over a period of 4 years that cover the study of corporate design, visual communication, printed publications, packaging, graphic techniques, typographic compositions, colour perception, digital imaging, multimedia/interactive techniques, art history, and photography. In the final year, students synthesize their acquired knowledge and skills to develop components from their final year research into a significant graphic design project.

Department Requirements: Compulsory Courses - GRAPHIC DESIGN

NQF Level Course Code Course Title Credit Value
5 GRD134 Digital Photography 3
5 MMP101 Introduction to Visual Culture in Digital Media 3
6 COM201 Intro to Mass Communication 3
6 GRD221 Digital Media I 3
6 MMP207 Introduction to Multimedia Tools 3
7 COM301 Media Law, Ethics and Society 3
8 CGM400 Internship 3

Department Requirements: Elective Courses (select any 4 electives- 12 cr hrs)

NQF Level Course Code Course Title Credit Value
5 GRD152 Art History II 3
6 GRD214 Typography II 3
6 GRD222 Digital Media II 3
7 GRD326 Motion Graphics 3
8 GRD427 Interactive Digital Media 3

Concentration Requirements: Compulsory Courses (11 courses/39 credit hrs)

NQF Level Course Code Course Title Credit Value
5 GRD103 Foundation Studio 4
5 GRD131 Basic Drawing 3
5 GRD132 Color Fundamentals 3
5 GRD151 Art History I 3
6 GRD204 GD I Studio 4
6 GRD213 Typography I 3
6 GRD205 GD II Studios 4
7 GRD306 GD III Studio 4
7 GRD307 GD IV Studio 4
7 GRD307 GD IV Studio 4
8 GRD408 Final Year Research 3
8 GRD409 Final Year Project 4

Concentration Requirements: (Elective) Select 12 credit hours/4 courses

NQF Level Course Code Course Title Credit Value
5 GRD128 Printmaking 3
5 GRD129 Pastel Painting 3
5 GRD133 Illustration 3
7 GRD323 Pre Press Production 3
7 GRD353 Interactive Digital Media 3
8 GRD441 Professional Practice 3

1 free elective (3 cr hrs)